Joyroom JRT03 Pro Wireless Noice Cancelling TWS Bluetooth Earphones – Black


Brand: Joyroom

Model number: JRT03 Pro

Color: Black

Features: Multiple modes of noise reduction and transparency, easy to switch Three sizes of silicone earplugs to ensure a comfortable fit when worn Bluetooth 5.0 dual-core inner core, separate chips for left and right ears

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Joyroom JRT03 Pro Wireless TWS Bluetooth Earphones

The Joyroom JRT03 Pro Wireless TWS Bluetooth Earphones take you on an immersive audio tour. Featuring Physical Sound Isolation, the earphones block out the background disturbances so that you can listen to every little nuance of music. The 3-size silicone eartip fits the auricle of your ear to ensure long-term comfort. The smart sensor touch IC enables automatic play and pause when you put the earbuds in your ear or take them off. The primary and secondary switch enables you to use both the earbuds together or either one. The earphones come with a liquid silicone protective case that ensures external damage protection. You can charge the case wirelessly by placing it on a wireless charging dock or wired charging with a lightning cable.

Incredible Functionality

You can connect these earphones with Bluetooth 5.0 for smooth, uninterrupted streaming. With the dual-core chipset, the Joyroom TWS earphones maintain the connection and ensure stable transmission. The 30mAh headphone battery and 180mAh charging case battery together ensure long-hour use and easy on-the-go charging.

Hassle-free Controls

The upgraded touch control allows for hands-free volume control, play or pause, and answer incoming calls. Voice assistant support lets you access Siri and other language assistants for hassle-free control.




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